The Post-2020 Election Trumponicles, Part II

It has come to my attention, as a leading Republican strategist and the Executive Producer of the new expanded harder-hitting take-no-prisoners TMKS, that a number of my readers are growing impatient with the former president’s delay in making the traditional concession speech.

What’s the matter with them? Don’t they love our president? The first billionaire who represents the little guy!  First in making baseless allegations! First in profiting from public service! I think they just don’t want America to be Great Again.

Why hasn’t he conceded yet, they want to know?  Why should he?

“I won,” as he explained the morning after Election Day (11/4/20) on Twitter, the second most reliable source of information, next to the Congressional Record. The projected winner was corroborated three minutes later by a second tweet on the Pravda of the Oval Office:” I WON I WON I WON”— all memorable words that will live in post-election journalism annals with the Chicago Tribune headline of 1948: “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.”

True, it eventually turned out he received seven million fewer votes than his unworthy opponent, Hunter Biden.

In the 2016 election against Hillary he became the minority president of Some of the People All the Time with only three million fewer votes.

2020 was a landslide for Trump!

As I gather, President Four More Years was still claiming its his Oval Office, his White House, because he was cheated in the free and fair election by “Antifa SCUM,” by which he meant the 81 million plus Americans who voted for the alleged winner.

If there is one-thing concession watchers learned in the post-election period about 2020, it was fraught with election irregularities, such as mail-in voting. The radical leftist anarchist Democrats who controlled the tabulation stole the election through such inequities as absentee ballots and something he called “election fraud.” 

There were two kinds of election fraud used in rigging the voting, according to what could be called a sore winner:

  1. Massive election fraud, or MEF

  2. Widespread election fraud (WEF)

Both MEF and WEF were detected by the president’s legal gumshoes in five contested battleground states, the margin of victory in the Electoral College. Recounts were demanded, the theory being that there might have been clerical errors.

But he lost by 175,000 votes in Wisconsin. 

In Georgia, there were three recounts, by hand and machine. 

But why not a fourth, Trump legal argument went?

The common factor in both MEF or WEF election irregularities cases pressed in the courts by the Trump Little League Legal Team, led by America’s Goniff Lawyer, the hair dye salesman who can change his story a dozen times in one day under the heat of TV fake news grilling (Rudy Giuliani, Esq.) was the lack of what the courts call “evidence.”

None of which prevented the Forces of Good Government in the Trump braintrust to press some 55 cases of unsubstantiated baseless allegations of voter fraud.  So far, the team’s record is

 0-49, with six cases still on the docket.

 “They didn’t look hard enough” was the sore winner’s legal rebuttal. 

There are those who think this fraud thing is all in the un-president’s so-called mind. But I’m from New Jersey where we know election fraud.

I still remember the immortal words of a former Republican governor who wanted to be buried in a cemetery in Hudson County so he could vote every Election Day.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court this week would do what was right for the country by agreeing with America’s Mayor, Mister 9/11, to throw out Pennsylvania’s 2. 6 million mail-in-vote with the usual no proof.

SCOTUS with three Trump appointees delivered a shocker. Instead of siding with the unfounded allegations the lower court socialist judges rejected, it stuck to the rule of law, dismissing the case in a one line judgment that said, in effect, you must be kidding.

Talk about your sharper than a serpent’s tooth for King Donald the Mad and the three-pack of right wing Trump Supremes!

My advice to concession watchers as we approach Electoral College Homecoming Day (January 6) and wait for the concession. As we say in New Jersey,  fugeddaboutit .

Gee, have a heart. DJT is an old man whose orange hair is already suddenly turned gray as he looks for the right words to say, “I lost, dudes.” (Sob!).  So what if his search for non-existent fraud undermines the integrity of the American electoral system. He could be starting a war now to remember him by. But that’s what you get when a minority of the people elects an idiot for president.

Marvin Kitman
December 11, 2020

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