A Justaminuteman Emergency Law and Order Bulletin, No. 3

The story of the second Trump administration that began with his election in November — as the 70 percent of Republicans who agree the election was stolen by the leftist socialist Biden and his antifa supporters will attest — is starting to sound like pages out of a police blotter.

Fans of true crime thrillers are looking forward in the coming months to the work of the Southern District of New York. Cy Vance, the New York DA, is scrutinizing the man’s tax records like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Attorney General Letitia James, New York state’s top prosecutor, is investigating the Trump Organization “in a criminal capacity,” no longer purely civil.

The Southland’s favorite carpetbagger, who is just moving   campaign headquarters for the 2022-2024 “I’ll Be Back” Election, from the heat and humidity of Florida to the heat and humidity of New Jersey, is facing possible charges in Georgia, including solicitation of election fraud, false statements, conspiracy, oath of office violations, racketeering, violence associated with threats to the election process.

On the docket in D.C. is the classic case of a former president exercising his first amendment rights in encouraging groups of what he calls “tourist patriots” to pillage the Capitol and threaten to massacre lawmakers they didn’t agree with politically on January Sixth. The main attraction of the projected 9/11-type commission, it can only be hoped, will be the grilling of the instigator-in-chief. His denying he did anything that he hasn’t done for the last four years that inspired the million patriot march on the Capitol will live in the annals of presidential candor.  

The one judicial proceeding that we of the Justaminutemen can’t wait to see is the treason trial.

What treason? How quickly they forget!

Article III, Section 3 clearly states “Treason against the United States consists in levying War against them…” (What were the howling mobs of patriotic tourists doing when smashing windows and maiming police officers?)… Giving “Aid and Comfort” to our enemies.”

In his first four years in office, the first-innkeeper cum hotel mogul gave aid and comfort to our enemies, the Commie rats, as Republicans used to call them, that any graduate of the Swiss Hotel Management school would admire.

Do the 74 million idiots who voted for the soon to be the man in the orange jump suit not remember “that Russian thing,” as he referred to “the hoax” invented by fake news to prevent his Making America Great Again?

Do they not remember the warm relationship between V. Putin   and our #45, a bromance that still should brings tears to the eyes of patriots.

Do they not recall the reward the Rooskies got for influencing the election of 2016, betting the least likely candidate would   become the chief executive of the most powerful nation on the planet, who would undo Western alliances that prevented the communists from capturing parts of the world not already in their pocket?

With space limitations, we cite only one piece of evidence:

Who can forget the summit meeting of 2018 when Helsinki Donald said he trusted V. Putin on the question of collusion more than our 17 intelligence agencies. Why? Putin told him nyet collusion.

There are many unanswered questions the treason trial will address: 

  • Is Trump now, or has he ever been, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party? Or just a dupe? 

  • Is he really Agent Orange, station chief of the Red cell in the White House, as Republican icons Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon warned us about seventy years ago?

  • And is the man in the orange jump suit still on the payroll of the Amerikanski desk, his latest mission for Vlad the Poisoner, destroying the integrity of the US electoral system, a model for democracies everywhere for 200 years?

Marvin Kitman
Field Marshal, JMM
May 20, 2021

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